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Fogarty's Offers Unmatched Preventative Maintenance
to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly
When it comes to preventative maintenance, we’ve got it under control. See below to gain a better understanding of what Fogarty's Garage can do to help keep your car running smoothly throughout the year.
Tire Rotation and Balance     • Alignment     • Cooling System Flush     • Engine Oil & Filter Change
Tire Rotation & Balance
What is it?
Tire rotation is a service that minimizes the effects of directional or irregular tire wear by reversing the direction of the non drive tires and moving them to the drive axle.
Why is it Needed?
Directional or irregular tire wear can cause premature tire failure or excessive noise and/or vibrations.  All vehicles will develop directional tire wear to some degree.  Tires should also be balanced regularly.  As a tire's tread wears away, the amount of weight needed to balance it properly changes.  Failure to balance a tire can lead to vibrations in the ride and premature tire wear and failure.
Recommended Service
Every 7,000 miles or when experiencing a ride disturbance.
What is it?
Doing an alignment of your wheels brings the alignment angles back into the correct specifications. This insures that the tire is running down the road at the correct angle.
Why is it Needed?
Only a small percentage of new vehicles are checked for proper alignment, even ones that come straight from the factory.  Alignment angles change as the steering and suspension parts of the vehicle wear out.  The alignment angles need to be adjusted back into specification to minimize tire wear and make it steer and handle properly.  If you hit a large pot hole, for instance, it can knock the wheel out of alignment and cause it to run down the road with the wrong angle.  This causes the tire to wear out faster on the inside or outside or even make it "skid" sideways while driving and this can ruin a tire in a short period of time.
Recommended Service
Every 12,000 miles or once a year or whenever you experience a ride disturbance.
Cooling System Flush
What is it?
This procedure removes sludge and contamination from inside the radiator and engine and maintains the proper coolant pH.
Why is it Needed?
Coolant pH is continually dropping—the lower the pH the more acidic and corrosive the coolant becomes. Failure to flush coolant can lead to water pump failure, pitting, sludge buildup in water jackets, shortened hose life, failed head gaskets and many other costly failures such a heater cores.
Recommended Service
Every 24,000 to 30,000 miles
Engine Oil & Filter Change
What is it?
When your vehicle gets an oil change we drain out the old oil, replace the oil filter with a new proper oil filter and replace the oil with the specified amount required for that vehicle. But we don't stop there.  Then your vehicle is given a complete under hood and under car inspection.  We check all lights, turn signals, belts, hoses, all fluid levels, test the antifreeze for temperature and level, top off the washer fluid for free, check u-joints, axle seals and complete a visual inspection for any worn parts and/or fluid leaks or anything that might need repair. 
Why is it Needed?
Lube, oil and filter service is a vital part of vehicle maintenance.  The engine oil and filter needs to be serviced at regular intervals in order to maintain the proper function of your engine.  Engine oil is the primary lubricant for internal engine parts and it also cleans engine blow-by (carbon/soot deposits) and engine wear particles.  Failure to change your engine oil and filter will cause poor performance, lower fuel economy and ultimately cause premature engine failure. Remember our motto, "Change your oil, not your engine!". We offer almost all weights and brands of oil for you to choose from.
Recommended Service
Every 3,000 miles or 3 months, or as directed by your vehicles oil life management system.
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